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Lifestyle Communications is an agency that develops communication strategies for sustainable lifestyle brands. 

Based in Edmonton, Alberta. 





Lifestyle Communication provides a variety of communication services, developed specifically for lifestyle brands. 

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The Internal 

The brand, the business plan and the employee engagement and happiness. Lifestyle Communications believes that people are the foundation to a sustainable company. 

- Business Plan Consulting (Includes branding and development of community objectives) 

- Rebranding 

- Seasonal job development and hiring for small companies 

- Employee engagement

The external 

The content, the community and the management.  Lifestyle Communications assists in developing external communication strategies with an emphasis on building a community around the brand. 

-  Communication strategy and implementation for social channels. (Includes content creation, event planning and maintenance of communication channels to develop a structured and sustainable brand presence). 


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The technology. Lifestyle Communications puts a strong emphasis on training and ensures that clients have a clear understanding of the technology used to enhance their brand.

- Website development using Wordpress, Shopify or Squarespace. (Includes content creation/ writing, website development, g-suite set up, introduction to e-commerce and training sessions to give you the tools to make necessary changes or updates on your own).  

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Lifestyle Communications was founded in 2016 by Patricia Doiron as a way to put to practice the theory learned throughout her degree in Professional Communication. Patricia has worked with clients to develop sustainable lifestyle brands which are built on community and communication. She puts a strong emphasis on internal communication focussed on employee engagement and happiness. Patricia believes a brand of any size requires two communities: the internal and the external. Her philosophy and purpose is to help  build sustainable companies and assist in the development of strong brand presences. 

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"We thoroughly enjoy working with Patricia! She is an incredible asset to our team and her work is simply stunning. Patricia is a very hard working, self motivated individual. She has taken the time to truly understand our business values, and she is able to eloquently illustrate our vision throughout our social media and online content. Would recommend in a heartbeat!" - Sabrina Souto and Amanda Magdar- Founders of Mala & Me. 


"We have been working with Patricia and Lifestyle Communications for the past year and couldn't be happier that we made that choice. Patricia has helped double our reach on our social media platforms and has increased engagement with our followers. She is always offering suggestions and creative ideas to engage more and provide valuable content for our followers. Her role on our team has allowed us to grow our brand and expand into different niches in our industry." - TJ Sadler - Founder of YEG Fitness Magazine and My Balanced Box.